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Remember – our store is open to everyone!
We often get asked if anyone can shop with us, if you have to be in receipt of benefits and it is a common misconception that we are only exclusive to these groups.
By shopping with us, you are helping in more ways than you can imagine!
You are helping to redirect the crazy amount of waste, that would have ordinarily been burning in landfill. Items that are perfectly edible and too good to throw away!
This in turn helps reduce to amount of Co2 entering our atmosphere!
By shopping with us, you are helping us to keep raising vital funds in order for us to continue providing emergency support to the most vulnerable in society!
So help support the people and the planet, alongside us!

This is our very first shop – The Pantry. We have a section full of beautiful fresh fruit, vegetables and so much more to provide opportunities for low-income families to shop on a fill a basket for a certain amount scheme. You can fill a basket for just £4 from this particular section. 

The rest of the shop provides affordable food for many.

To fit in with our zero waste ethos, we will be offering many of the foods that we rescue from landfill!

Our shop doubles as a hub, where we continue to build and distribute food aid to people in need across the county.

The shop is currently open Monday to Saturday 9:30am till 2:30pm

We are entirely for the community and not for profit!

For the people and the planet!

Contact The Pantry on – 07769312711

Located on All Saints Passage in Huntingdon

This store is located on St Benedicts Court in Huntingdon.

The opening hours for this store are – Monday to Friday, 9:30am till 4pm and Saturdays 9am till 5pm. 

Have you visited our store yet?
if not – why not?
We have the most incredible items at affordable prices!
Meaning everyone can afford to shop with us!
Homeware, electrical appliances, gifts and toys. There is something for everyone!
Why help generate more stuff in the world, a world thats already drowning in “stuff”. Filling up landfill sites and adding to the levels of Co2 in the air!
Help us share the worlds resources and grab some great quality second-hand items and give them a new home!
Shopping with us, also means that you are helping us raise vital funds. This enables us to continue the support we give to the most vulnerable. This includes emergency food aid, basic household items to young people leaving care and support with building longer term solutions for families!
Located on St Benedicts Court in Huntingdon
Help us support the people and the planet!
For the community – not for profit!

“Hunger doesn't take a day off, so neither do we”

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