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We are Diamond Hampers CIC, we are dedicated to supporting and helping the most vulnerable in society.

We provide food aid to vulnerable families and individuals across Cambridgeshire by supplying food parcels filled with enough to provide meals for a whole week.

We have linked with various other organisations to enable us to link those in need to the right places. Thus helping people to shape better futures for themselves and their families. 

We support local hostels by supplying them with trays of fresh food items and products ideal for those sleeping on our streets.

We support rough sleepers by supplying them with hot meals, snacks, warm clothing, bedding and by helping them to seek the support they need from the relevant services.

We provide toys, books, clothing, toiletries and even help to source second hand furniture for those families and individuals that are living in poverty.

We support young care leavers and newly housed rough sleepers by providing them with start-up kits to help them at the beginning of their new journey.

We supply lots of goodies regularly to various care homes and temporary living facilities across the county and regularly send out “top up bags” and “care packages” for struggling families.

We are very blessed to be supported by many supermarkets and businesses. These regularly donate fresh produce and long life products to assist with our emergency food parcels.

These include, Tesco, Jacks, Morrisons, M&S, Aldi, Lidl, Sainsburys, Barclays Huntingdon, Waitrose and Greggs.

In addition to this food support, we are in receipt of regular financial support from Brampton Parish Council and the Houghton & Wyton Community Fund.

We have a strong ethos regarding food waste and so we ensure all items are distributed to those in need. All surplus food items are baked or made into other food products and then either sold to raise money for essential food items or placed as treats into our food parcels.

We operate seven days a week with a dedicated team of volunteers – Hunger doesn’t take a day off, so neither do we!

Proud member of IFAN

https://www.foodaidnetwork.org.uk/The Independent Food Aid Network’s strategy:

This strategy sets out how the Independent Food Aid Network (IFAN) seeks to realise this vision and achieve its aims whilst upholding the core principles first outlined when the organisation was founded in 2016.

IFAN’s vision is of a UK where everyone can eat good food and emergency food aid is no longer necessary.

“Hunger doesn't take a day off, so neither do we”

This is our brand new shop – The Pantry. We have a section full of beautiful fresh fruit, vegetables and so much more to provide opportunities for low-income families to shop on a fill a basket for a certain amount scheme. You can fill a basket for just £3 from this particular section. 

The rest of the shop provides affordable food for many.

To fit in with our zero waste ethos, we will be offering many of the foods that we rescue from landfill!

Our shop doubles as a hub, where we continue to build and distribute food aid to people in need across the district.

The shop is currently open Monday to Saturday 10am till 3pm. We currently only take cash – but from the 16th will be able to accept card payments!

This is the next step forward to tackling food poverty across the district and in turn protect our environment. 

Contact The Pantry on –

01480 453249 or 07769312711

Diamond Hampers PAT Testing Team

We have just begun the launch of our brand new initiative with our very own PAT testing team.
Lee Simpson, a qualified PAT tester, will be leading our brand new team to provide a much needed service.
With this team, he will be able to carry out electrical testing on essential household items for those in need. Such as young people leaving care.
He will be able to do this using calibrated safety testing equipment.
Diamond Hampers are working to create a better future for the most vulnerable in society.

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