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We are Diamond Hampers CIC, a Trusted Organisation that are dedicated to supporting and helping the most vulnerable in society by helping people in times of crisis and then by implementing longer term solutions.

We provide food aid to vulnerable families and individuals across Cambridgeshire by supplying food hampers filled with enough to provide meals for a whole week.

We have a very hands up support to the support we offer. Ensuring we help people to generate sustainable futures through implementing longer term solutions.

We make referrals with and for the beneficiaries to ensure everyone is getting the help and support they need. 

We have a strong ethos around bridging dignity gaps by providing places and spaces for people to access food and other essentials independently. 

We support rough sleepers by supplying them with hot meals, snacks, warm clothing, bedding and by helping them to seek the support they need from the relevant services.

We support young care leavers and newly housed rough sleepers by providing them with start-up kits to help them at the beginning of their new jour journeys.

We have our “Rent a suit” campaign, supporting people with returning back to employment but by allowing them the opportunity to look smart and feel interview ready.

Alongside this, we have joined partnership with the Guiding Association, to provide disadvantaged girls with the opportunity to access their local Guiding units, by providing them with a brand new uniform and handbook. We will also be running a recycling uniform project to compliment our existing school uniform project.


We are very blessed to be supported by many supermarkets and businesses. These regularly donate fresh produce and long life products to assist with our emergency food parcels.

These include, Tesco, M&S, Aldi, Lidl, Sainsburys, Co-op, Riverford, Waitrose and Greggs.

This is food that would ordinarily be sent to landfill and thus fitting into our mission to save and redirect food waste. 

In addition to this food support, we are in receipt of regular financial support from Brampton Parish Council and the Houghton & Wyton Community Fund.

We have a strong ethos regarding food waste and so we ensure all items are distributed to those in need. All surplus food items are baked or made into other food products and then either sold to raise money for essential food items or placed as treats into our food parcels.

Any leftover food, no longer fit for human consumption. Is collected by local farms and made into animal feed.


Food surplus and food aid are not the answer to solving food poverty  but when utilised correctly can be a useful and a crucial stepping stone to new beginnings for many people that are effected by the impacts of having an income below the national living wage.
It isn’t ideal to constantly hand out “free” food without implementing strategies for improving a person’s situation.
It creates dependency and an unhealthy reliability on services.
A focus on a hand up, rather than a hand out is crucial to ensuring people receive the correct help, instead of potentially worsening their situations.
Building longer term solutions to break down the issues surrounding poverty is key.
By working closely with each individual, we can determine what the root cause concerns are, develop a plan alongside them and focus on how they can be resolved.
With an aim that the person you are supporting will become independent and self-sustainable.
Our Pantry stores can assist with this by focussing on addressing that personal dignity gap and create places and spaces where we can all afford to shop and assist with tackling environmental issues through the method of redirecting waste.
Our store, The Attic is set on the same principle but instead focuses on affordable homeware, clothing and much more! 
Our partner organisation Diamond Champions  – will be aiming to provide a safe space where people can have access to boxing based fitness.
Their core focus will be on improving the mental health and well-being of many, supporting young people with training/skill development and enhance their employment opportunities.
Please continue to support the work that Diamond Hampers does and the daily progress and impact we have on the wider community.
Of course we couldn’t carry out the work we do, without the support of our incredible volunteer team, that give countless hours. Helping to ensure the most vulnerable in society are supported!

Proud member of IFAN

https://www.foodaidnetwork.org.uk/The Independent Food Aid Network’s strategy:

This strategy sets out how the Independent Food Aid Network (IFAN) seeks to realise this vision and achieve its aims whilst upholding the core principles first outlined when the organisation was founded in 2016.

IFAN’s vision is of a UK where everyone can eat good food and emergency food aid is no longer necessary.

“Hunger doesn't take a day off, so neither do we”

Diamond Hampers PAT Testing Team

We have our very own PAT Testing team!
Lee Simpson and Lianne Simpson  (founder and exc Director of DH), are both qualified PAT testers.
Together they will be leading our initiative that provides a much needed service.
With this team, they will be able to carry out electrical testing on essential household items for those in need.
Such as young people leaving care.
They will be able to do this using calibrated safety testing equipment.
They can also test items that can then safely be sold in our Attic store. Helping us to raise vital funds!
Diamond Hampers are working to create a better future for the most vulnerable in society.

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