I have been awarded The Prime Minister’s daily Points of Light awards programme for being an outstanding volunteer.
The Prime Minister awards an outstanding volunteer or charity leader for their inspirational service as a ‘Point of Light’, as part of a cross-party supported programme to promote the value of voluntary action.
What this means is that the Prime Minister would like to write to me, personally thanking for my work. I will also receive a certificate, and an announcement about my award is published on the Points of Light website, which will be further promoted on social media by the Cabinet Office.
What an incredible honour! I couldn’t do it all without my incredible team behind me though because they truly are the backbone of Diamond Hampers!


Our incredible £1 lunch offer is back. 

These are available to collect from our Pantry store on All Saints Passage in Huntingdon. 

Helping the community to eat well for less!

How awesome is this?!
The Pantry has been nominated for a UK Enterprise Award!
We are so proud of our little shop and all it does for thousands every year ♥️

I was chosen as one of Huntingdonshire inspirational women, for International Women’s Day.
An absolute privilege and honour.
I truly believe that all women are remarkable and for a long time we had to fight for big changes to make it a more equal world.
Imagine a gender equal world. A world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. A world that’s diverse, equitable, and inclusive. A world where difference is valued and celebrated. Together we can forge women’s equality. Collectively we can all #inspireinclusion.
I’m raising young women who I empower to be the best version that they can be.
Women that I want to treat others and be treated as equals. Women that deserve respect, dignity, equal opportunities and the right to live in an inclusive world.
I work alongside incredible women every day, women that are a beacon of light and inspiration to many.
I think each every one of you are remarkable.
Everyone, everywhere can play a part in helping forge gender equality.

For World Book Day at Diamond Hampers we did our bit to get BOTH adults and children reading.
We gave away around 150 books today to everyone that came in store!
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Our stores

Did you know that we have two stores in the centre of Huntingdon. The Pantry is designed to provide independent access to affordable food and The Attic is there to provide access to affordable clothes and homeware.
Both stores were designed to bridge dignity gaps across the wider community and be the next step into moving people forward and away from emergency support.
Our stores do much more than that though!
All the monies raised in each store are reinvested back into the community. This means all funds raised support people with
– Emergency food
– Clothing
– Support for rough sleepers
– Support for care leavers
– Expectant mothers
– Birthday and Christmas present support
– Provide household items
– School uniform
– Support local farms
– Provide essential work placements and skill building
We do all of that for FREE – so all money raised is truly essential and without it, we wouldn’t be able to provide those crucial services to so many in need.
Please do visit our stores and help us to help many others.
We are for the people and the planet, for the community, not for profit.

Our Brand New Allotment!

I am super excited to announce that our brand new community allotment space has been secured and we got to go see our piece of land today!
I am so proud of how far we have come!
Who’d have thought from one crazy idea and running from my garage, to not only a successful award winning organisation, but two stores and now this amazing opportunity!
I am so so proud of the team I have behind me and everything they do to support and help to make all this possible.
This BRAND NEW project will enable residents on referral to grow their own food, promoting healthier eating habits and reducing food costs.
By growing their own produce, residents can improve their diets with fresh, organic vegetables and fruits, directly impacting public health.
The use of sustainable farming practices in these allotments can significantly reduce the carbon footprint associated with food production. This project encourages composting, water conservation, and the use of organic pest control, contributing to biodiversity and a healthier local ecosystem.
Together we can cultivate a healthier, more self-reliant, and environmentally conscious community.

New cash Raffle fundraiser!

This month, we achieved our Level 2 in being a Disability Confident Employer. We are proud to be inclusive, diverse and to offer equal opportunities for all!

March stats!

Just like many others, March was hugely successful in terms of the support we could offer and the people we managed to help.

We supplied 3,696 meals to people through our food hampers across the wider community.

We have rescued 12 tonnes of food waste, which has generated approximately 27,684 meals! This is through our redirected waste in our Pantry store!

We saved a whopping 20,400kg (PPM) of Co2!

We prevented a whopping £9,600 worth of food from rotting in landfill!

We have helped 50 families improve their situations, by finding longer term solutions to shape brighter and more sustainable futures.

We continue to work in friendship with partners Social Echo, to help eliminate the need for food aid and strive to live in a world where EVERYONE can afford to shop and live independent

“Hunger doesn't take a day off, so neither do we”

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