meals to vulnerable families and individuals


people helped with food hampers


boxes shipped and delivered to support those impacted by the War in Ukraine


rescued food destined for landfill (in tonnes)


CO2 kg (PPM)


£’s raised through grants and fundraising


Families provided with further support for sustainability


£’s of food saved from rotting in landfill


meals generated from redirected waste

Our Mission

We aim to help in the fight against food poverty and remove the stigma attached to requesting help.

We have a passion for reducing waste and set about rescuing food from heading to landfill and put it in empty stomachs instead!

We ensure we work with people to develop the skills and tools required to support them into the future.

We believe in sharing the worlds resources and focus on a hand up approach instead of a hand out.

Helping the people and the planet.


Let me just take some time to share with you all a small piece about who we are, what we do and why we do it.

In the beginning Diamond Hampers identified a personal dignity gap with individuals needing to access foodbanks. I quickly developed on this idea to provide food in the way of a delivered food “hamper” instead. This has made the idea of accepting the need for help more approachable and dignified.

This was originally organised and run from my own home before recruiting and training a team of volunteers.

Volunteers that are now the key to the success of Diamond Hampers.

We have have already delivered over 300,000 meals to date.

The Pantry idea was born to provide opportunities for everyone to shop affordably and have access to a wide range of fruits and vegetables, amongst many other things.

The Pantry has proven to be a huge success and has then seen a reduction in the need for food aid locally.

Our idea of the emergency food provision was always to move people forward, into a wider network of support in specific areas and we are mindful of the confidence gap between intending to make contact and the ability to do so for people feeling vulnerable, so we will instead make that referral with and for beneficiaries.

With all our fruit and veg being redirected waste, we help to save around 25 tonnes each and every month. Helping to reduce unnecessary waste rotting in landfill and lower the districts carbon foot print.

Longer term solutions and dignity and independence are really at the heart of what we want to achieve here and will continue to do so long into the future.

Our newest store “The Attic -Affordable Living” , provides even more opportunities for people to shop both affordably and independently.

With our incredible team of dedicated volunteers we will continue to grow, thrive and support those that need it most.

“Hunger doesn't take a day off, so neither do we”

Food hampers

We build around 20 – 40 emergency food hampers a day!

Our food hampers contain enough meals to last a week. This is inclusive of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Within them, we include fresh fruits and vegetables, refrigerated items and a variety of cupboard essentials.


care leavers

There are a large portion of young people that have left care with no family support and very little financial support from the government.

We are helping to provide essential food products, toiletries, kitchen essentials and other household items to those young people leaving care. 



We are dedicated to supporting rough sleepers all across the district.

We provide food and supplies where needed to those that need it most! 

Who we work with

We partner with other community groups, charities, Community Interest Companies, Councils & Government Agencies to help support people.  These are some of the people we work with.

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