We love hearing from people that we have helped. Here are just some of their lovely comments in response to the help we have provided.

Good morning, once again you have made me cry, in a good way. Thank you so much for my sons Easter bag, it is so very kind and thoughtful!

I've sorted through the hamper that was donated to me and everything that i got was brilliant. i think its such a great idea and a big help for the people who are moving on into their own flat. i think that all young people should get a hamper when they are moving on because it really is helpful and with the budget that we live on it is quite difficult to buy all the simple things we need. every little donation helps! the food is really useful as-well because for a little bit i wont need to buy some food so i cant put the money that i spend on food towards moving on.
thank you so much for the hamper !


Im a single mum to three gorgeous children. Im on a very low income and was really struggling, embarrassed to use food banks or even ask for help. Me and my children would go without. I came across diamond hampers who really helped more then they could imagine. With food, clothes, and even someone to talk too. Without these i dont know where we would be. Xx


It was like an amazing Christmas morning unpacking those bags!! We've had meatballs and pasta for tea followed by a bread & butter pudding I made then fruit we are all very, very full up for the first time in a long time. Thankyou and Thankyou Diamond Hampers for helping us and making this difficult time that bit easier to manage.


Thank you wasn't expecting that amount ,chicken casserole with mash for tea ,followed by hot cross bun bread and butter pudding I'm going to live like a queen tonight


i thank you so much for everything today sweetness, should have seen my dad's face light up over the food parcel lol , thanks again XX

He's so happy he's playing with the balloon jumping up and down flapping his hands Thankyou you've been an absolute diamond (see what I did there) through all this, it's nice to know someone's got my back for support with the kids

Feedback from The Pantry!

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